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Peggle Dual Shot – Nintendo DS Description

Product Description Wield mystifying Magic Powers, rack up huge bonus points and make shots you’ll smile about for weeks. Amidst all this fevered action, only one question remains: Can you become a Peggle Master? Do you have what it takes to become a Peggle master? Found out as you navigate a series of ball-bouncing challenges in Peggle Dual Shot for Nintendo DS from PopCap Games and lauded developer Q Entertainment. You’ll need luck and skill on your side to score your best as you bounce balls, perfect tricky shots, and engage with real Masters in this action-packed, family-friendly game. Bounce balls off colored pegs to clear the board. View larger. Choose from a variety of game play modes. View larger. Big, Arcade-Style Challenges for Strategic Thinkers Fans of the Peggle PC series will quickly recognize the forces at work in this chaotic, pachinko-style pinball game. You’ll need to practice using the stylus to fine-tune your aim while calculating the perfect moment for each release, and you’ll get a rush out of sending balls flying at strategically located bricks, pegs, and obstacles to score points and conquer a broad array of challenges. The advanced physics of previous Peggle games is now at work in this DS edition, which means the trajectory of each bouncing ball is calculated in real time, and the results of a shot may change if your aim is off by even one pixel. The precision of your angles also means that there’s quite a bit of math-practice hidden in what seems like a purely entertaining game. Watching what happens after you let the ball go is a big part of the fun, since even the most skilled players are sure to get a few tantalizing, unlikely bounces each round. All-New Underground Challenges One place fans of the PC-based Peggles won’t have a leg up is facing the parts of this game that are set in the Bonus Underground — an exclusive, DS-specific addition to the Peggle universe. All in all, with 120 levels, two full-featured adventure modes, and 90 challenge stages to try and conquer, you can be sure that Peggle Dual Shot brings more than it’s fair share of challenges to the portable NDS system. There’s even a duel mode that lets you go head to head with the computer or take on a friend and establish grounds for bragging rights. Unique Artwork and Magical Masters In the course of your training, you’ll also enjoy the backdrop set by a colorful, fantastical world, and you’ll meet ten unique Peggle Masters. From Bjorn, the Super Guide unicorn, to the Renfield Pumpkin, master of Spooky Ball, these quirky, personable characters have their own specialties and magic powers, adding depth and a little bit of back story accent the strategic elements of each contest. And the unique, illustration-inspired artwork is packed with bold colors that really ground the Peggle’s magical feeling in a world all its own.

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