Afterglow AP.1 Controller for PS3 – Blue

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Afterglow AP.1 Controller for PS3 – Blue Description

Color:Blue Product Description The AFTERGLOW family of controllers breaks new ground in form, features, and radiant aesthetics, delivering gamers an experience sure to have them glowing. The appearance of the AFTERGLOW controllers is defined by clear a polycarbonate body plastic, within which red, blue, or green circuit boards and components reside. Amplifying the theme, multitudes of LEDs within the controllers glow in hues matching the circuit board color. The result is a truly vibrant glow in both light and dark gaming situations. The AFTERGLOW AP.1 for the PS3 features L2 and R2 triggers modeled upon PDP’s popular REAL TRIGGERS add-ons for PS3 controllers. It also provides a refined analog stick location similar to the Xbox 360 style analog stick placement for FPS advantage with an ergonomically modeled grip built for comfort and competition. Each AFTERGLOW controller allows the player to adjust the LED settings to: on, off, or vibration (activates when controller rumble motors spin). From the Manufacturer Back By Popular Demand! PDP’s line of 2nd Gen. Afterglow Controllers will light the way to higher scores, unbeatable performance, and an enhanced sense of game play that only PDP can deliver. Each controller casing is built using the best available Poly Carbonate plastic to ensure extraordinary strength, crystal clear visibility to the internal LED’s and color coded circuit boards.  PDP’s Controllers are tough as nails and as cool as the other side of the pillow. 3 LED modes let you choose your pleasure – ‘On’ for constant glow effect, ‘Off’ for those of us with no sense of adventure – Why?  Lastly, the ever popular acceleration and vibration mode – lighting the room with the vibrancy of a swarm of angry fireflies only when the controller is swung or shaken, or when the vibration motors are activated. Color coded circuit boards highlight the 3 currently available colors:  Ruby Red, Blue Velvet and Green W/Envy – which is what all your friends will be when you mesmerize them with your Afterglow Controllers in action.   Afterglow AP.1 Controller for PS3 The Perfect L2 and R2 Triggers If you have a PS3 and you shop on Amazon – Hey nothing gets by us…..You probably know how cool PDP’s REAL TRIGGERS are!  If not, where the heck have you been?  So – the REAL TRIGGER feature built into the Afterglow Controller for PS3 is a very SMALL modification with a very BIG implication. The L2 and R2 buttons kick forward just a bit giving you optimized leverage on the buttons providing you with a huge advantage over your adversary – even if it’s you and your high score. Optimized Analog Stick Placement They say ‘location’ is everything – – PDP thought that PS3 gamers might engage in some FPS (That’s First Person Shooter – get it?) activities.  If that’s the case and it probably is – why in the heck wouldn’t you want 360′ style analog placement?  Well – – we knew you would and that’s why we placed the analog stick in a XB 360′ format style. Competition Style Grip What a beauty – See!

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