City Council considers noise ordinance, music community expresses concerns

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Noise Ordinance

The area of Lubbock that is in question on the noise ordinance is, without question, one of the largest money making draws to Lubbock. This area brings in not only the artists that perform, but also the people that spend money for and at these events. Not only do the owners of the bars and clubs make money, but there are hotels/motels, restaurants, and the others retail businesses that are frequented. These events strengthen our economy in Lubbock. If the decibels are held down or the closing time for events is shortened, this will be a negative for artists and the paying customers to stay away from Lubbock. The city council should consider that this might close some of those businesses in the downtown area as well as keep artists from coming to our city.
I am sure there are some residential areas that may be able to hear some of the music as it does carry, but it would be very minimal.

Q E Terry 159 days ago

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