Darren Welch keeps Lubbock rocking

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My brothers & I were good friends with Darren Welch and his family for quite a few years before we moved out of the state. Our parents had become close friends through church. We spent lots of time together as kids. Memories of those years are blurred but I vividly remember Darren being inseparable with his guitar & obsessed with music. It seemed to be an all consuming obsession! I was so young but in my mind he seemed brilliantly talented. Now, after SO many years, I found Darren's sister & then him via FB and not at all surprised about his success! I'm stoked for having the privilege of witnessing the beginnings of this self taught skill! The Pure heart & soul passion, determination & perseverance is surely paying off well (especially when remaining true to self and God) Bringing true authenticity, peace and unwavering stability that's secure through the Ebbs and Flows, the glory and the tragedy of life. The ultimate joy that only those who know themselves deeply enough to chase their assigned dream and never let go! I'm overjoyed for you Darren Welch! I'm most definitely a fan!
Patti Edgin Olivas

Patti Edgin Olivas 125 days ago