How I Survived the Worst Day of My Life

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My Son E.J.

I was awe inspired by your story... you see I had a Seventeen year old do this also... he was a Sr. @ Cooper... March 6th 2013...I know your pain and disillusion with my God... Why? Why ?Why? is always my question.... I still am struggling with this.. your post has helped but I still have days when I can't even get out of bed...Thanks for sharing.

Penny McHugh more than 3 years ago


Good words, Nick. Both powerful and practical.

Eric Chaffin more than 3 years ago


Thank you SO much for sharing this, Nick. I remember you well from Super Summer, such energy and joy you exuded. I am SO sorry for this tragic event, but oh sweet the Lord has been to you to speak so perfectly in your deepest need.

Heather Daniel more than 3 years ago