Nonwoven cotton could be used to clean oil spills

Texas Tech University researchers recently discovered that low-grade cotton made into an absorbent nonwoven mat can collect up to 50 times its own weight in oil. more »

Sep 18, 2014 Education

Living With Diabetes

Abby Hendrick, motivates herself and others to manage and live a healthy lifestyle inside a diagnosis of type I diabetes. Abby, a co-ambassador for Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes, speaks from experience after her diagnosis 12 years ago. more »

Sep 9, 2014 Local

Happy 40th Birthday to the Lubbock Chorale

What began as a small group of singers preparing for Lubbock’s Bicentennial celebrations has grown to a community-based ensemble of 120 voices. more »

Sep 9, 2014 Local

Back to School, Back to Caffeine

Many Americans start the morning off with caffeine. And now the trend includes school-age children. For some that means grabbing a cup of coffee, but for others the trend is to grab the ultimate caffeine fix — energy drinks. more »

Sep 9, 2014 Wellness